2023 Year End Review

Newsletter - Dec. 14, 2023
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2023 Year End Review
Capital Trophy, Kari Wiens
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As the year winds down and we get ready to embrace the holiday season and 2024, it's the perfect time to reflect on what we've achieved together, share exciting updates, and keep you in the loop about what's on the horizon. So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, settle in, and let's catch up!
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New Storefront Signage

If you haven't swung by our shop this year, you're in for a treat. We're excited to show off our fresh storefront signage and shiny new street sign. Remember last year when we shared our goals? Well, guess what? We've checked 'new signage' off that list! 

We got a Billboard

Salem has a new addition to the the 12th street skyline. No more getting lost! Just look for our billboard and then look down. Our shop is just past the sign on the right hand side.  

Showroom Makeover

When we moved into our new space in early 2022, it felt a bit empty. But guess what? We've given it a fresh new look. We've expanded our display area with sleek new shelves, upgraded our plaque walls, installed a custom front counter, and we're continuously adding exciting new products to make your visit even more enjoyable.  This is another item we can happily check off our goals list from last year!

Team Member Spotlight

It's official, Sky is here to stay! She joined our team late last year, and as she celebrates her first anniversary with us, we couldn't be more thrilled. Sky has made remarkable contributions during her first year, and we're excited to see how she'll continue to shine in the future. We're delighted to have her as a part of our team.

As we wrap up our 30th year in business, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our valued customers and friends who have been a part of our journey. While we had grand plans for a celebration, the year flew by, and we found ourselves busier than ever. Nonetheless, we're grateful for the trust and support you've shown us throughout these three incredible decades. Here's to many more years of serving our wonderful community!


New Internal Order System

Last year some of our goals for 2023 included an online customer portal, better online ordering system, texting capability and a CRM (customer relationship management) system. While it's not going to happen in 2023 we are excited to announce we are going live with a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) system on January 1, 2024! Our new system will allow us to achieve all of these goals and more.

Additionally, due to the new capabilities of the system we will be able to move into a paperless ordering system. But don't worry, we still have access to all of our old data and your order histories.

Please bear with us in the the first couple of months as we acclimate to these changes. There may be some trial and error but we are working hard ahead of time to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.​

Changes to Payment System

We're getting shiny new hardware for processing payments, and that's not all. We're also rolling out a fresh payment policy.  

Starting in the new year, we'll kindly be asking for your order confirmation and payment upfront when you place your order. 

We know it's a bit different, but it's all about making things more transparent and efficient.

Don't worry, if you're one of our amazing customers with a credit account already established, you won't be affected by this change.

We're Launching a New Website! 

Yes! Another new website. We hope this one is here to last though. This website will be fully integrated with our new order system, our inventory, and accounting system. What this means is that everything will be in one place for us and you!

You will have the ability to create an online account and view your estimates, pending orders, and invoices (both paid and outstanding) all in one place. 

The new website will launch at the same time as our new system on January 1, 2024. 

Please note that while the new website does have an online store, it will not immediately be published with the initial launch and we will continue directing online shoppers to our current webstore until further developments are made. 

Our big project for 2024 will be developing our very own Capital Trophy online catalog and shopping experience. This will take most of the year but we have high hopes for unveiling before 2025. 


  • December 22: CLOSED
  • December 25: CLOSED
  • December 26-29: NO PRODUCTION**
  • January 1: CLOSED
** Please note that for the last week of this month, we won't be doing any production. If you require an order for that week, please submit it promptly to ensure it's completed before our Christmas break. Any non-urgent orders will be scheduled for production in the new year. Our doors will remain open, with phone and email support, for order inquiries and pickups during this time.​

Happy Holidays & New Year!

Thank you for your support

From the Team at Capital Trophy: Sky, Kari, Kevin & Angel
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