Meet the Team

Kari Wiens, Owner/Manager

Kari is the driving force behind Capital Trophy. With over a decade of experience, she's not just our owner and manager; she's the heartbeat of our operation. Kari's dedication to her staff is unwavering, and she's always on the lookout for innovative technologies to enhance our customer experience. When she's not at work, you'll find her exploring new ways to make Capital Trophy even better.

Kevin Wiens, Co-Owner

Kevin, Kari's husband and invaluable pillar of support at Capital Trophy, brings a blend of versatility and a warm, easy-going nature to our team. Often seen as the go-to handyman and errand runner, his keen troubleshooting skills make him indispensable. Equally adept in all areas of production, Kevin's involvement extends beyond just assistance and he's an integral part of our production team, often the one staying late to make sure we meet deadlines.  

Angel Cutrі, Asst. Manager

Angel is our Assistant Manager extraordinaire! With us since 2015, she's practically woven into the fabric of Capital Trophy. An expert in all facets of our business, Angel's passion lies in providing top-notch customer service.  She's Kari's right-hand gal and the face behind most of our online and phone customer service. 

Sky Blaw, Designer/Engraver

Sky, is our hands-on production maestro! She's the detail-oriented creative who brings your visions to life. Sky finds joy in crafting designs and seeing projects through to completion. Her impeccable attention to detail ensures every piece meets our high standards. From meeting deadlines to tackling challenging engraving jobs, Sky does it all with skill and a smile.

Leslie Buys, Facilities Magician

Leslie is our not-so-secret weapon for maintaining Capital Trophy's sparkling clean and lush green environment. As Kari's mom, Leslie is not just the Facilities Manager; she's the family behind 'family owned business'. Every week, she works her janitorial wizardry to keep our shop gleaming, and her green thumb ensures our office plants thrive. While she might be the invisible hand behind the scenes, Leslie is an essential part of our team, conjuring a clean and vibrant atmosphere that keeps everything running like clockwork!

Brandon Eshleman, Production Technician

Brandon is the newest addition to the team, joining us in late 2023 and has been making waves ever since! With a knack for detail and a passion for perfecting his craft, Brandon has quickly become an indispensable part of our production crew. His infectious enthusiasm and commitment to excellence not only elevate our team dynamic but also shine through in his top-notch customer service. We're thrilled to have him on board and can't wait to see the amazing things he'll accomplish!

Kiva, Shop Dog

Kiva is our new resident shop dog. She is owned by Kari & Kevin and is in training to be the new mascot of our team. She is a Husky/Shepherd cross and at the time of this photo about 4 months old. Kiva brings endless joy and tail wags to our workspace, spreading positivity wherever she goes. She's quickly become everyone's favorite co-worker. 

NOTE: Kiva is kept in an office unless she's out greeting guests and we always ask if you are comfortable before letting her out.