Phenolic Labels

Electrical & Industrial Plates

Durable Design

All plates are a microsurfaced Impact 2-ply acrylic approximately 1/16" thick with a matte surface finish. The material is UV stable and weather resistant. All plates come with a beveled edge and industrial strength adhesive on the back.

Standardized Format

All plates will be engraved with a size 0.25" minimum font height (unless otherwise specified). Font will be Arial or Arial bold as needed. 

Standard plate size is 1" x 3". However, if you need a specific font size we will size the plate to the font. 

For custom sizes, please be sure to indicate what size you need next to the engraving.

Color Options

You may choose your plate color according to your needs and specifications. Standard colors are:

  • Black w/White letters
  • White w/Black letters
  • Red w/White Letters
  • White w/Red Letters

Additional colors available upon request. 

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