Our Order Process

We've tailored our workflow and order system to meet the unique requirements of our customers. While personalization offers endless possibilities, it can sometimes be complex and overwhelming. We value communication and aim to provide a clear overview of what to expect when ordering with us.

STEP 1: Inquiries & Estimates

When you're ready to begin, the first step is reaching out to us. You can do this in several ways:

For all new orders, we provide detailed estimates before moving to production. This helps ensure fair and accurate pricing while offering transparency in our pricing structure.

For repeat orders, unless it's otherwise requested, we will skip the estimation step and move directly to acknowledgement. 

Once you receive your estimate, take a moment to review it carefully. Feel free to respond via email or in person with any necessary edits or your confirmation.

To ensure we meet your deadlines, please respond promptly to confirm your order and secure your spot on our production schedule. Any delays could potentially affect your due date.

If you're a new customer, your estimate will come with a payment link for order confirmation.

Returning customers or customers with Net payment terms will be invoiced upon completion and billed accordingly.

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STEP 2: Order Acknowledgment

Once you have approved your estimate, we will send you an acknowledgement. This confirms your order is placed in our production schedule and will include all the details of your order EXCEPT artwork. 

Pay attention to the dates at the top of the form:

Your Due Date is the date we plan to have your order either ready for pickup, delivery, or shipment. For shipped orders, this is the date we will ship the order; NOT the date you will receive it. 

The Event Date (if applicable) is simply an indicator of your timeline. By tracking and recording this, it allows us to navigate potential delays in the manufacturing process.

Time Due (if applicable) is simply the time at which you've indicated you need to pick up your order on your due date. Our standard policy is to attempt to have all orders ready by 12:00 on the date that they are due or sooner. However, if you need to pickup first thing in the morning, this is where we would indicate that. 

Proof Due Date (if applicable) is the estimated date on which you should receive artwork mockups for your order if applicable. Please note that this is a "soft" date and we may be running behind or ahead of schedule on these. You can usually expect the artwork within +/- 1-2 days of this date. Don't worry though! We always make sure we have plenty of time to finalize before completion.​

If everything looks accurate and you don't have any questions, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESPOND. This is an acknowledgment for your records and we've got everything we need to move forward to the next stage!

STEP 3: Artwork Mockup

Once your order is acknowledged, you can expect to receive your artwork mockup for approval. Look out for your "proof due date" indicated on your acknowledgment to know when to expect your mockups. While proofs may come before or after this date, we always ensure to provide them with plenty of time for edits and approval before your due date.

Mockups will be emailed from art@capitaltrophyinc.com. Take the time to carefully review the mockup, checking all spelling and wording. Ensure you're satisfied with the layout and font choices. If changes are needed, simply reply to the email with your requested edits. Please note that we require edits or confirmation in writing or in person, so kindly refrain from calling for these purposes. Prompt responses are appreciated to ensure we meet your due date.

It's important to understand that artwork mockups are general representations and may not precisely depict color or size/scale. However, they do provide a clear idea of the layout and overall look of your order.

Remember, it's your responsibility to review spelling and verbiage carefully before confirming your order. We will not accept liability for errors or mistakes that have been approved by the customer. 

Once your artwork is confirmed, it is marked ready for production and we can get started on it!

STEP 4: Invoice & Completion

Yay! Your order is complete and ready for delivery. 

We currently offer in store pickup and shipping options. If you are picking up, you will receive a call and an email with your invoice to confirm your order is complete and ready for pickup.

If we are shipping your order, you will receive the invoice with tracking information once it has shipped. 

All of our invoices are emailed with an online payment link for your convenience. Regardless of your payment terms, you may utilize that link to pay ahead of pickup. 

If you payment terms are due on receipt, you will need to pay upon pickup or before we ship your order if you haven't already done so.

If your payment terms are on a net account (Net 30), you will be asked to sign and date for pickup but will not be required to pay. Additionally, if we're shipping your order, payment will not be required before we ship. 

Our invoices are always emailed from our accounts receivable email address ar@capitaltrophyinc.com If you have any billing questions, it is best to direct them to this email address for the fastest response. 

Got questions? Need help with your order? Feel free to give us a quick call during business hours if you're stuck. 

We are always happy to walk you through our processes or help with technology.