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Billing & Purchase Orders


Purchase orders (POs) are company requisition forms for tracking company expenditures. If your company uses a purchase order system, it is your responsibility to create the requisition before you place an order. Usually, this involves requesting a formal quote from us and a purchase order from your company for said amount. At the time the order is placed, the purchase order (or just the #) and the quote # from Capital Trophy must be provided. 

Capital Trophy does not need purchase orders to process an order, they are for your organization or company’s benefit only. As a courtesy to our customers, we will record the purchase order #s on your paperwork for your company to track. 

Sending a purchase order before an order is placed will not work; we have no way to match it with an order until that order is submitted. Additionally, we do not accept purchase orders as a way to submit an order Due to the nature of our business, we cannot accurately translate a company PO into a complete order unless it is referencing an estimate # that we supplied. Therefore, purchase orders sent without an order having been submitted, or without reference to a Capital Trophy estimate #, are usually filed or tossed. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the official order to request the purchase order #s be noted on our paperwork at the time of order placement.



Opening a billing account at Capital Trophy means orders may be picked up or mailed without needing immediate payment. The purpose of this is to give companies and organizations time to process their invoices and payments through their own systems. It also allows for easier financial management. For example, many of our customers send a check to pay for all outstanding invoices once a month rather than sending multiple checks many times a month.

For Capital Trophy, this means we cover the cost of your orders until your invoices are paid. Therefore, it is important to pay on or before the invoice due date. The information we collect from you on the “Billing Account Setup Form,” is to make it as easy as possible for you and your company to process and pay said invoices.

If we have an issue contacting the original contact person for an order, having the accounts payable person’s information allows us to get the invoice directly to where it needs to go. It also gives us a contact within the company that can answer any questions regarding account payments (double payments, incorrect amounts, past due invoices, etc.)

If an order is placed on your company account and we later find that it was not authorized, we will hold the person who placed the order responsible for paying the invoice.